Super 30g Skin Tattoo Numb Cream External Use Only Maximum Strength

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Place of Origin: U.S.A.
Marka adı: Super Numb 30g
Sertifika: CE/Test Report / FC Certificate
Model Number: CTPK016
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 piece
Fiyat: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 30g / bottle with standard paper box
Delivery Time: Within 3 Working Days after received your payment for stock.If have no stock,will need at least 15 working days
Payment Terms: T/T or Paypal or Western Union or MoneyGram Full Payment Before Shipment.
Supply Ability: 50000 piece per month
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Features: Pain Away Fast,long Lasting Local Anesthetic Brand Name:: Super Numb 30g
Type: Permanent Makeup / Tattoo Pain Killer , Anesthetic , Pain Away , No Pain , Painless , Stop Pain MOQ: 10 piece
Volume: 10G / bottle Advantage: Maximum Strength

tattoo pain relief cream


tattoo numbing creams

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Super 30g Skin Tattoo Numb Cream External Use Only Maximum Strength



Detail Information:



Model No.



10 Piece

Net Weight 30 G
Warning  For External Use Only
Features No Pain In Mind , Non-Oily And Water-Based
Delivery Day About 3 to 7 Working Days After Received Your Full Payment.



About the Product

  •  Maximum Strength!
  •  One 30 gram tube covers approximately 6" X 6" area on your skin
  •  Use as many tubes as needed to cover the entire area of your skin.
  •  Water Based, Non-Oily
  •  Removes unnecessary pain from Needles, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laser, Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics


Enjoy your procedure with SuperNumb without pain!


SuperNumb is topical anesthetics that helps numb the skin from pain of minor procedures, such as tattooing, laser, cosmetic, waxing, piercing, vaccination, etc.


SuperNumb cream works by blocking the pain signal sent by the nerve endings on the skin.  When applied to the procedure area as directed a feeling of numbness will follow. 


 It is very important that the application instructions are followed as directed. You need to leave the cream and plastic wrap on the area for at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled procedure.  Skin typically remains numb for 1 – 4 hours once cream is removed from treated area.  


The numbing effect depends on the skin type and the location on the body.  For best result, use one 30g tube which covers approximately 6” x 6” area of your skin.  


For a long procedure lasting hours over large areas apply numbing cream over the entire work area then remove in sections as procedure progresses.





  1. Wash the area receiving tattoo or laser treatment with soap and water. Dry area completely.
  2. Apply a thick amount of numbing cream to the area and rub in thoroughly.
  3. After rubbing into the skin, apply a 2nd heavy layer of cream (1/8" or 3-5 mm thick) over the area.
  4. Cover the cream with plastic wrap (saran wrap) and keep warm. The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and keeps the cream from drying out.
  5. Leave cream and wrap in place for 2 hours before procedure. For long procedures lasting hours over large areas; apply numbing cream over the entire work area, then remove in sections as procedure progresses.
  6. Skin typically remains numb for 1 - 4 hours once cream is removed from numbed skin depending on skin type and location on body.


Adverse Reactions:


Its possible side effects are likely to include swelling or redness at the application site, unusual 

sensations on skin or pale skin. Severe to rare side effects may include allergic reactions like hives,

rash, itchiness, facial swelling, and difficulty in breathing or tightness in the chest.



Over dosage:


Medicines affect different people in different ways. If you experience any unusual effects while using, 

stop and contact you medical provider immediately. Treatment should be symptomatic and supportive. 



Our Advantage:


*  As the Most professional manufacturer we can customise it depends on your design.

*  Wide Varieties;

*  Competitive Price;

*  Prompt Delivery Day;

*  Sample Order welcomed;

*  OEM welcomed;

*   Security
*  Disinfected


Any needs or questions please feel free to contact us, we are always at your service!



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